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We are a leading ceiling fan manufacturer of cutting-edge designs that will provide superior cooling and air circulation. We also offer a wide range of accessories, including remote controls, dimmers, and light kits, so you can customize your fan to meet your needs. Thanks for choosing us as your ceiling fan supplier!

2000+ Fans Styles

We offer a wide range of ceiling fans for you to choose .

12K+ Times Quality Test

Our ceiling fans have been tested many times, and the quality is guaranteed.

Full Copper Material

Using a pure copper motor, more high performance, and energy efficient.

Check out our Ceiling Fan catalog. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Our Products

Provide You With Different Types of Ceiling Fans


Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Farmhouse ceiling fans are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to a room while providing a refreshing breeze. They come in various styles, such as traditional, contemporary, and rustic. 

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Rustic Ceiling Fans

Rustic ceiling fans will make the culminated articulation in any advanced national home or cabin setting. These primitive-styled ceiling fans, more often than not, comprise basic plans in soft wraps up.

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Kids Ceiling Fans

Refresh your child’s room in a moment with the idealized kids’ ceiling fan. Include brightness to a room that needs standard light with a children’s ceiling fan highlighting a built-in light.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Our Low-profile ceiling fans benefit indoor and outdoor areas with low ceilings. It can improve the lighting in your room while also adding a stylish touch.

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Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern ceiling fans are a well-known lighting choice for spaces like rooms, living rooms, and basements. Not as it were, do they light up the room.

More About Ceiling Fans...

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? We also offer custom ceiling fans, made specifically to your specifications. Learn more about Warmiplanet custom ceiling fans here.

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about warmiplanet

Professional & Trustable Ceiling Fan Supplier

We are dedicated to supplying our clients with high-quality ceiling fans at reasonable costs. Our selection includes a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to fit any budget and home decor. We take pride in dealing with customers and work hard to ensure every customer has a pleasant experience. With our selection of the best ceiling fan manufacturers and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to be your go-to supplier for all your ceiling fan needs.

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Years of Experience

why choose us 

Reasons To Choose Warmiplanet

Cutting-Edge Quality Assurance

We offer a cutting-edge quality assurance system that ensures the highest quality of products. Our quality assurance system also allows us to quickly identify and correct any problems that may arise during production.

Global Operation

Our global operation experts can provide a wide range of perspectives and ideas to help solve complex problems. We can help you create attractive and practical fans with our knowledge and skills.

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100% Pure Copper Motor

Our motor is made from 100% pure copper. Copper is one of the most efficient materials for motor use, as it can quickly and efficiently transfer electricity into motion. Copper motors also last longer and are more durable than motors made from other materials.

Experienced Developer

From creating simple designs to complex models, Warmiplanet offers extensive experience with ceiling fan production. Our developers have years of experience in the industry and understand all aspects of design and production.

how we make

Ceiling Fan Manufacturing Process


Assembling motors and semi-finished products

Assembling motors and semi-finished products involve connecting components, such as the motor, remote control, lampshade, light source, fan blade, boom, bracket, outer cover, screw package, and other accessories. This process requires high precision and accuracy to ensure that the motor or product is assembled correctly.


Testing Motors and Semi-Finished Products

Testing motors and semi-finished products are essential for ensuring that they meet the necessary safety standards and are adequately functional. This type of testing can involve various techniques, such as static, dynamic, and environmental tests.


Assembled Finished Products

The assembly process involves using various tools and techniques to ensure that the product is constructed correctly and safely. The assembly process may include soldering, gluing, and screwing components together, as well as packaging and labeling the product.


Testing Finished Products

Testing finished products is an essential step in the manufacturing process and help to ensure that customers receive the highest quality product. These tests aim to prove that the product is safe, fit for its intended purpose, durable, and meets regulatory requirements.


Wrapping Finished Products

Once a product has been assembled and packaged, it must be wrapped and labeled for shipping. Depending on the product, it may be necessary to use bubble wrap, shrink wrap, or other protective materials to ensure that the product is safe during shipment.

Industry certification
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Warmiplanet achieved a range of certifications and accreditations, including ISO 9001.

Professional Worker
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We are equipped with professional workers to ensure the efficient production and quality of ceiling fans.

Customer Satisfaction
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To ensure customer satisfaction, we take feedback from our customers seriously and use it to improve our products and services.


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