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Warmiplanet offers a wide variety of AC ceiling fans that are powerful and efficient, allowing you to move large volumes of air around your space. Our ceiling fans are designed with sleek blades and exceptional motors that provide reliable performance and durability.

Why Choose Our AC Ceiling Fan

From durable and powerful ceiling fan motors to different AC ceiling fan watts to cater to your energy needs, Warmiplanet has the perfect ceiling fan to fit your space. We also offer multiple styles and designs to suit any modern or traditional decor. Our fans move large volumes of air efficiently, providing you with maximum comfort in your living spaces.
We also offer a large selection of DC ceiling fans, from DC ceiling fans with light to custom designs that are built to last. Our DC ceiling fans are designed with the most advanced motor technology, allowing them to be incredibly efficient and silent in operation.

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Power Efficient

Our ceiling fans are designed with advanced motor technology, allowing them to consume less energy and still provide powerful air circulation.

Tested Products

All products from Warmiplanet are 100% tested to ensure nothing but the best comes out of our doors.

Easy to Install

Every package comes with all the necessary mounts and hardware, so they can be installed quickly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

AC or alternating current ceiling fans are powered by an alternating current and feature powerful motors for efficient air movement. Due to direct connection to the main source of power, the output is more consistent and powerful, resulting in improved cooling.

When it comes to power consumption and energy efficiency, DC fans are widely known to be the better option. DC ceiling fans consume less energy than AC ceiling fans, making them a more cost-effective and sustainable choice for your space.

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