9 Best Ceiling Fan Manufacturers of 2023

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A ceiling fan is the best option if you’re seeking an inexpensive approach to cooling your room. For optimal cooling in your home or business, we have gathered ceiling fan firms you can rely on. Keeps an eye on here!

Ceiling Fan Manufacturers of 2023

Market Overview for Ceiling Fans

By 2027, the worldwide ceiling fan advertisement will be worth USD 12.5 billion and extend at a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 4.3%. The want for ceiling fans with cutting-edge highlights like Wi-Fi networks, Driven fans, and substitution edges is fueled by the rising use of high-end domestic decorations.

List of Ceiling Fan Brands :


The Hunter Fan Company was established in 1886 in Syracuse, New York, by Irish immigrant James C. Hunter and John Hunter. The first water-driven ceiling fan was made in upstate New York in 1886 by John Hunter and his son James C. Hunter, and that is where the company started.

Hunter Fan Company Homepage: https://www.hunterfan.com/
About Hunter Fan Company: https://www.hunterfan.com/pages/about-us
Ceiling Fans: https://www.hunterfan.com/collections/ceiling-fans

Main Product
Company NameFound Year


Hunter Fan1886John AlexanderBenoît Coquart

2.Del Mar

Del Mar Fans & Lighting is an online retailer of lights and ceiling fans. They will assist you in maintaining a strategic distance from the bother and stretch of shopping at enormous box stores. With over 3,000 ceiling fans and 25,000 light installations in stock, they guarantee you will find fair what you’re trying to find. They are family-owned commerce that gives the leading determination of cooling and lighting items, uncommon client benefits, and hassle-free shopping. At DelMarFans.com, you’ll rapidly browse thousands of brand-title ceiling fans and lighting installations from the consolation of your domestic.

Del Mar Fans & Lighting Homepage: https://www.delmarfans.com/
About Del Mar Fans & Lighting: https://www.delmarfans.com/about-us/
Ceiling Fans: https://www.delmarfans.com/ceiling-fans/

delmar products
Main Product
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Del Mar Fans & Lighting2003USAAnkush Aggarwal


Kichler Lighting is more than just a supplier of ceiling fans and lights. They run a business that “brings people together.” From its modest origins in 1938 to the global brand we are today, its focus has always been on fostering and expanding relationships with its customers and the ones that customers enjoy in the light of their lights with friends and family.
High-quality testing yields high-quality products. They are the only company in the United States with a class 4 lab, ensuring confirmed standards and safety for every fixture they deliver.
Kichler Lighting Homepage: https://www.kichler.com/
About Kichler Lighting: https://www.kichler.com/why-kichler/
Kichler Products: https://www.kichler.com/products/

Main Product
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Kichler Lighting1938USAVijay Shankar


Craftmade, founded in 1985, has expanded to become one of the biggest multichannel producers of ceiling fans, interior, exterior, and commodity lighting, vents, chimes, LED goods, and accessories in the United States. Nobody else has the experience, expertise, training, passion, and design. It’s what gave them their name and distinguished them.
By utilizing the assets, efficiencies, purchasing power, and partnerships with over 40 factories in China, Taiwan, and the United States through its parent company, one of the biggest private label fan and lighting companies in the United States, Craftmade can offer distinctive, high-quality products at competitive prices.
Homepage: https://www.craftmade.com/
About: https://www.craftmade.com/our-story
Ceiling Fans: https://www.craftmade.com/ceiling-fans

craftmade products
Main Product
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
 Craftmade1985USARodion Ryabushin


The startup sells the first electric fans in North America and bases its business on AC motors. Emerson gains a reputation for high-quality products under the leadership of new president Herbert L. Parker, and its net sales reach almost $60,000.
The introduction of the Emerson ceiling fan makes a living in tall buildings possible. The sale of ceiling fans quickly makes up about half of the business.
Homepage: https://www.emerson.com/en-sg
About: https://www.emerson.com/en-sg/about-us
Ceiling  Fan Products:https://www.emerson.com/en-au/commercial-residential/brands/emerson-ceiling-fans

Main Product
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
1890USALal Karsanbhai

6.Savoy House

Family-run Savoy House has been providing stunning lighting solutions to exclusive showrooms and businesses across the nation for more than 55 years. They are the go-option for interior designers, builders, and lighting lovers alike because of their dedication to quality, service, and style.
Homebuilders Robert and Fred Lee, father, and son, started their lighting store in Atlanta in 1965 after needing to be more impressed with the assortment of lighting available on the market. Working out of an abandoned grocery shop, they started importing fixtures and putting them together. 
Homepage: https://www.savoyhouse.com/
About: https://www.savoyhouse.com/about-us
New Products: https://www.savoyhouse.com/jan-2022-new-products

Main Product
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Savoy House
1965 Italy Troy Lee


A consistent level of quality across a wide variety of price points unites the Minka Group® family of enterprises, which employs personnel and distributes goods across two continents. In addition to several well-known national private label brands, its interests are sold in retail outlets under the brand names Minka-Lavery®, Metropolitan®, Ambience® by Minka-Lavery®, Minka-Aire®, The Great Outdoors® by Minka-Lavery®, and George Kovacs®. In the market for decorative lighting, The Minka Group® has developed into a dominant force. They take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of every fixture they make as a business.
Homepage: https://www.minkagroup.net/minka-aire/
About: https://www.minkagroup.net/about-our-site.html
Ceiling Fans: https://www.minkagroup.net/choose_fans.php

Main Product
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
 Minka Group
1939 USA Paola Sánchez


They aim to move air, brighten rooms, and illuminate the way. They create exquisite items that everyone can use to design their own house or place. To do this, they provide unique designs and offer excellent service and value.
When done well, it transcends the ordinary and enthralls the senses. Here at Quorum International, they take it extremely seriously. Because of this, their goods are created internally by a team of award-winning industrial designers. For more than 35 years, Quorum, with corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, has led the market in terms of service, quality, and style. They consider it an honor that our distributors and clients continue to depend on us for these same qualities.
Homepage: https://quoruminternational.com/
About: https://quoruminternational.com/pages/about-us
Products: https://quoruminternational.com/categories

Quorum International PRODUCT
Main Product
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Quorum International
1979USAJose Lopez

9.Modern Forms

New technology lies at the heart of every Modern Forms design. They rigorously test their products and make significant investments in research and development to produce the most effective, long-lasting, cutting-edge luminaires and intelligent fans. Every one of its products, including its unmatched LEDs, sensor-free and silent DC motors, a particular app created for numerous house integrations, and customizable cloud-based smart controls, is constructed for the most cutting-edge modern experience.

Homepage: https://www.modernforms.com/?1671764605
About: https://www.modernforms.com/who-we-are/
Fans: https://www.modernforms.com/fans/

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan
Main Product
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Modern Forms
2016 France Hussam Otaibi

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for your Needs

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for your Needs
If you’re looking for a ceiling fan, you can benefit from the wide range of options available to suit any needs and design preferences. Here are the things to consider while purchasing a ceiling fan, from estimation to price.


The best place to begin is by determining whether you require a particular style of the ceiling fan. Consider your home’s style, color scheme, and any unique features you’d like in your new fan.

Room Choice

You can install ceiling fans everywhere in your house since they are adaptable. Consider where you want to install your ceiling fan, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio, porch, or gazebo.

Size Guide

It’s crucial to select a suitable size to ensure that your ceiling fan can effectively cool your space. Fortunately, you can quickly determine what you require by comprehending the significance of the ceiling fan blade size and the room’s square area.


Now that you know what kind of fan you want, what size is best, and which rooms you’ll need, the fun part begins: picking a design. You can accommodate anything you think of because so many possibilities are available.


You’ll need to put some effort into getting your chosen ceiling fan on your ceiling. Depending on the fan model and if you pay someone to handle the labor, installing a ceiling fan will cost differently.

Light Types

The light from a ceiling fan might be just as vital as the cooling it provides for your home. After all, nobody enjoys a dimly lit space. LED, chandelier, Dome-Style, Caged, Drum, Edison, or no light are the types you can choose for your ceiling fan.


It would be best if you put your trust in the top companies to get the quality ones. Modern ceiling fans with automatic controls and stylish finishes might take the place of older models. You can choose from various products on the market that include the newest technologies and distinctive designs. Just pick what best suits your requirements.

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