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2-year warranty for the whole fan and 10-year warranty for the motor.

PayPal and bank account are available.

“The light source is not only durable but also easy to replace.
If you need a new light source, please feel free to contact us.”

“The electrical boxe and ceiling support joist used must be securely mounted and capable of supporting a minimum of 35 lbs (16 kg).
Boxes must be directly supported by the building structure.”

“No. Wall switches with dimmer or speed control function will reduce current and interfere with fan control.
We recommend using a regular wall switch. For this, you may need an electrician.”

Please contact to timmy@ceilingfanmfg.com

“1、Most AC motor fan can be reversed by flipping the button on the motor.
2、DC motor fan can be reversed by using a remote control.”

“1、Check whether the screws of each part of the fan are tightened.
2、Check whether the screws of the electric box and the hanging bracket are tightened.
If all the screws are tightened but the fan still makes noise, please contact customer service.”

“Orders with small quantities can be delivered in about a week, 

and orders with large quantities are expected to take about 45 days to arrive.”


Please contact tommy@warmiplanetfan.com

All of our products have ETL certification.

“This is a normal occurrence that may happen occasionally at startup.
The initial slight shaking will not affect running of the fan.”

Yes, Please contact tommy@warmiplanetfan.com

“1.Replace the battery with a new one and try again.
2.It is possible that the wiring of the receiver is loose.
3.Remote control and receiver lost pairing, need to re-match them, please contact tommy@warmiplanetfan.com for pairing method.”

The service life of the light source is about 50,000 hours.

“1. Check whether the home circuit is energized.
2.Check whether the circuit breaker and fuse and wall switche are working properly.
3. Make sure all wires are securely connected and that all ground wires are properly connected.”

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