Industrial Ceiling Fans

Warmiplanet industrial ceiling fans proved to be the ideal remedy for supplying comfortable ventilation. We are providing one of the longest ceiling fan warranties because of its cutting-edge direct-drive motor technology and proprietary design. 

Why Choose Our Industrial Ceiling Fan

Our industrial ceiling fans solutions offer a variety of benefits to our clients. We have a direct drive gearless motor made using the proprietary technology. As a result, there is no need for oil maintenance. In comparison to conventional motors, our ceiling fans are quieter because of the gearless design. Our research and development team used a DC motor to save more energy than others. Additionally, it costs less to run than small fans with the same covering area. Warmiplanet is pleased to assist you with your problems and collaborate with you to provide specialized solutions. Our ceiling fans come in an assortment of plans.
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Energy and Power Saving

Industrial ceiling fans can create a full coverage effect—there is no need for numerous small fans with poor efficiency and significant power consumption in the future. Our commercial ceiling fans are renowned for their power-saving and energy-efficient features.

Gearless motor

Our industrial ceiling fans are more robust in their motor frame structures with trapezoidal shafts, increased oil seals, and bearing frame structures that boost enduring frame strength and safety.

Patented Fan Blades

Our ceiling fan features a patented fan blade design, high-strength aircraft-grade magnesium, surface-painted fluorocarbon, and an aerodynamic fan blade shape.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial ceiling fans run at a lower speed but give a continuous stream of airflow to huge spaces; thus, they require potent motors to get the correct traction. These fans put in a lot of effort to circulate the warm air into the cooler air and reduce the room’s overall temperature.
Large industrial ceiling fans consumes much more power than a tiny tabletop fan. Size and energy efficiency affect total wattage. Light bulbs typically use between 40 and 100 watts, while LED light bulbs may only use 16 watts while providing the same brightness.
Your heavy duty industrial fan may last up to 50 years if you choose a reputable manufacturer, perform a flawless installation, and prioritize routine fan and blower maintenance.
Industrial fans will inevitably be quite loud because they are circulating industrial machinery. For an eight-hour shift, it is generally required in production environments that noise levels be below 85 decibels when measured from five feet away.

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