Kids Ceiling Fans

When it comes to your kids’ room, safety is always a top priority – and that includes the kids ceiling fan. Warmiplanet is proud to offer a selection of kids’ ceiling fans that provide maximum safety, comfort, and style for your little one’s room. 

Why Choose Our Kids Ceiling Fans

At Warmiplanet, we understand the concern of every parent when it comes to choosing a ceiling fan for their kid’s room. That’s why we only offer products that are certified safe and energy-efficient. Our selection of kids’ ceiling fans includes enclosed models which provide maximum safety, even for the youngest family members. From an enclosed ceiling fan that is perfect for the nursery to a fun and colorful blue ceiling fan to brighten up any kid’s bedroom, we have something for everyone. Get yours now!

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Specifically Made for Kids

Our selection of kids' ceiling fans has been designed specifically for children's rooms, making them perfect for any decor.


All of our products are safety-approved so you can be sure that your child is safe and secure when using the fan.


Not only do our fans provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere, but they are also energy-efficient, helping you save on your energy bills.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our catalog covers virtually every standard size available.

Yes, we offer enclosed models and other smaller fan options that are perfect for even the smallest of rooms.

Yes, all of our products are certified safe and energy-efficient. This means you can be sure your child is safe and secure when using their fan.

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