Large Ceiling Fans

Are you looking for the best large ceiling fans for your indoor areas? Warmiplanet large ceiling fans are perfect for entertaining areas, as the slightest breeze goes a long way in keeping the air fresh and guests comfortable. We offer a huge selection of styles, with an ever-expanding collection of sleek and cool modern looks. Please browse our website and get a quote today! 

Why Choose Our Large Ceiling Fans

Our huge spaces require  ceiling fans in case you need to urge any genuine sense of discussion development, and these big ceiling fans can watch out for that. If you want to be numbered as a large ceiling fan, you may require an edge span (breadth) of at least 52 inches (over 4 feet) or more.  Whether in an excellent large room ceiling fan, an oversized living room, or an ample industrial space, this choice of the large ceiling fan will suit your needs.

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Functional Illumination

With lights allow you to contribute to the layered lighting design of your room. Many ceiling fans also include dimming features, which are ideal for reading in bed at night.

Perfect for indoor spaces

An excellent method to keep your living spaces cool. They're also ideal for keeping pests at bay! Ceiling fans efficiently convey the breeze into internal and outside areas. You'll appreciate how cozy they keep your house, no matter the season.

Small footprint in your home

Our large ceiling fans is that they take up less living area than a tower fan or space heater. You may not be as concerned about utilizing ceiling space.


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Frequently Asked Questions

They come in numerous sizes with either sort of motor, from expansive to small. Ordinarily, with both, the bigger they are, the superior they are for execution. With DC motors, you’ll discover that on a regular, they are more proficient by utilizing 1/3 the vitality of the standard AC engine.

More than 90% of ceiling fan issues happen since of an awful capacitor. Once the capacitor stops working, the control cannot be changed to the engine. Advance, this could cause your ceiling fan to run slower than the regular speed. You’ll supplant a defective capacitor by displacing a few of its inward components.

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