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Browse our choice to discover ultra-low profile ceiling fans in other fantastic styles, including farmhouse, nautical, and more. Warmiplanet is here to assist you in designing a space that’s flawlessly suited to your taste. Contact us today and get a quote.

Why Choose Our Low Profile Ceiling Fan

In case you have low ceilings, considering that the standard ceiling stature is around 2.4m, you might like to see our low-profile ceiling fans. Particularly outlined to project as small as conceivable and for their ceiling-to-blade estimation to be negligible. Our fans come with a drop of around 30cm from ceiling to edge. This will suit the roof with statures from 2.4m to about 3m. If you have a shallow ceiling, models are accessible that sit flush on the ceiling and so have less drop to the edges.

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Improve a room's comfort

Our low-profile ceiling fans are perfect for smaller rooms that are much harder to cool and can get hot and stuffy quickly.

Consume less electricity

Use premium motors that use less electricity consumption, which is more energy efficient than air conditioning systems.

Style and Beauty

Our low-profile ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and sizes that will surely complement your unique interior design.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Low-profile ceiling fans are profoundly helpful for indoor and low profile ceiling fan outdoor ranges with low ceilings. Hugger ceiling fans can make strides in your room’s lighting and include a thoughtful touch. Since of their thin motor housing, close-mount ceiling fans spare vertical space in smaller rooms with low ceilings.

Clean your fan as you’d any other family electrical appliance. Utilize a delicate dry cloth to softly remove dust and debris at the slightest every three months. Built-up grime, such as pet dander or earth caused by dampness, will cause metal parts, particularly edges, to erode or rust. Frequently evacuate grime with a hosed (not damp) cloth and dry it quickly.

Low-profile ceiling fans can be introduced much closer to the ceiling since they do not utilize a downrod , these fans are flush mount low profile ceiling fan to embrace the roof.

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