Smart Ceiling Fans

With the advancement of technology, Warmiplanet has introduced a range of smart ceiling fans that offer comfort and convenience. These smart fans come with the latest features like remote control operation, adjustable speeds, integrated lights, and smart ceiling fan home kit compatibility.

Why Choose Warmiplanet Smart Ceiling Fans

Our range of smart fans offers comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. From a simple, smart ceiling fan with light, smart ceiling fan control to a complete home kit-compatible smart ceiling fan, our fans will meet all your needs.
With adjustable speeds and the ability to control from any location via remote or an app, you can be assured of a relaxed and comfortable environment. Plus, their energy-efficient design will help keep your electricity bills low too!

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High-Tech Features

Perfect addition for smart homes, our fans come with the latest high-tech features like adjustable speeds, integrated lights, and more.

Energy Efficiency

Our smart ceiling fan range is powered by energy-efficient motors that help reduce your electricity bills.

Easy to Use

The remote control operation, app control, or voice command makes our fans easy to use for everyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you like a more controlled and comfortable indoor climate, then yes! Smart ceiling fans can be an affordable and efficient way to get that. They are perfect for any home with adjustable speeds, integrated lights, and other features.

There are tools and equipment that you can buy to convert your ceiling fan into a smart fan. However, it is advisable to consult an experienced electrician before attempting any electrical work.

No, they are designed with energy efficiency in mind and can help you save on electricity bills! They come at adjustable speeds, so you can adjust them to use the optimal energy.

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